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Micron is an American global corporation which produces many forms of semiconductor devices.

About Micron - Singapore : Micron is an American global corporation which produces many forms of semiconductor devices, including dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and solid-state drives.

STC Senior Dry Etch Engineer

  Req. ID: 116681  Description As a Senior Etch Engineer in the STC, you will be expected to support R&D activities associated with rapid deployment of technolo

Micron Posted on 2018-04-11
Senior/Product Yield Enhancement (PYE) Technician - Failure Analysis

  Req. ID: 117364  Responsibilities: Perform Physical Failure Analysis of Memory devices for enhancement of yield, quality and reliability Operate a wide range

Micron Posted on 2018-04-11
Manufacturing Portfolio Management Office (MPMO) Project Manager

Req Id: 116902  Job Description As a Manufacturing Portfolio Management Office (MPMO) you are a member of Manufacturing Central Team (M) within Micron Technolog

Micron Posted on 2018-04-10
MSB Facilities Technician - Shift Operation

  Req. ID: 116806  Job Description As a MSB Facilities Technician, you will be responsible to support Shift Operation as well as preventive and corrective maint

Micron Posted on 2018-04-10
Senior Financial Analyst, Strategic Cost

  Req. ID: 116222  As a Senior Finance Analyst on the Manufacturing Operations Strategic Cost Team, your primary focus will be on the Ideal Cost Project and Bus

Micron Posted on 2018-04-06
MSB Facilities Operation Engineer/Senior Engineer

  Req. ID: 111341  The Facilities Operation Engineer administer the Permit-To-Work, SIPP (Site Interruption Prevention Program) and Facilities Services Turn-On

Micron Posted on 2018-04-06

  Req. ID: 116602  As a Category Supplier Manager at Micron Technology, Inc., you will be the primary category point of contact for supplier interactions, perfo

Micron Posted on 2018-04-06
Senior SSD Security Firmware Engineer

  Req. ID: 116401  As a Firmware Engineer at Micron Technology, Inc., you will develop high-performance controller firmware for innovative volatile and non-vola

Micron Posted on 2018-04-06
Senior Manager, Strategic Program (BE)

  Req. ID: 116417  Job Description As the Strategic Program Manager focusing on Back End Inventory Optimization, your main responsibility will be to lead projec

Micron Posted on 2018-04-06
Fab10N Facilities Engineer (Controls)

  Req. ID: 110441  Summary : As the Facilities Instrumentation & Controls Engineer, you are required to lead engineering and maintenance works in the fields of

Micron Posted on 2018-04-04
MSB Site Planner

Req. ID: 116224  Job Description As a Site Planner, you will provide a Statement of Supply and Commit Plan to Master Production Scheduling (MPS) Planners to mee

Micron Posted on 2018-04-04
EHS Manager

  Req. ID: 116607  Job Description Oversee and Manage Site Environmental Health & Safety Provide knowledge base of regulatory and compliance law Provide busines

Micron Posted on 2018-04-04
MSB Senior/ Advanced Development Team Engineer

  Req. ID: 115065  Responsiblities Working with cross functional team, to execute transfer of pilot products and packages from the Technology Development teams

Micron Posted on 2018-04-02
Singapore Technological Centre Senior Process Development Engineer (CMP)

  Req. ID: 116093  Description Micron’s Singapore Technology Center R&D group is looking for process engineer for local positions to support R&D activities

Micron Posted on 2018-03-30
MSB - Senior/Test Engineer

  Req. ID: 115768  Job Description As a Senior/Test Engineer at MSB, you will be responsible for developing frameworks for monitoring and improving Engineering

Micron Posted on 2018-03-29
APTD Engineering Assistant - Package Development (Operations)

  Req. ID: 113732  Job Responsibilities Support APTD engineers in executing assembly process activities. Support APTD engineers in transfer packaging technology

Micron Posted on 2018-03-29
NVE Program Manager (NAND/NOR Flash Memory)

  Req. ID: 115799  Responsibilities: Program Management Lead a Product Development Team (PDT) for a NAND or NOR device. Create milestones and key performance me

Micron Posted on 2018-03-28
MCT BE Equipment Engineer

  Req. ID: 115862  As an Equipment Engineer, you will be responsible for development / support of highly automated and computerized Backend equipment (Final Ass

Micron Posted on 2018-03-28
Singapore Technology Center Diffusion Process Development Manager

  Req. ID: 115791  Description Micron’s STC team is looking for Diffusion Process Development manager, who will be responsible for building and developing a tea

Micron Posted on 2018-03-27
Principal/ Senior Wet Etch Process Development Engineer

  Req. ID: 111823  Description Micron’s Singapore Technology Center TD group is looking for process development engineer to support TD activities associated

Micron Posted on 2018-03-27
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